AIL Wyoming - Shaun McDonald

About Shaun McDonald

Regional General Agent

Shaun McDonald serves labor union members in the states of Wyoming and Utah. Shaun started with AIL in January of 2007 and was promoted to Supervising Agent in March of that same year. By May of 2007 he was promoted to Master General Agent and then in June of 2008 to Regional General Agent. Shaun began his career with AIL in Edmonton, Alberta and moved to the United States to have the opportunity to lead his own offices. Shaun is currently responsible for the entire state of Wyoming and the Salt Lake City office in Utah.

When asked for an example of how AIL products have changed a client’s life, Shaun relates the following experience: “My biggest moment in changing someone’s life was when I saw a policy holder who had neglected to claim their benefits. The client’s daughter was in a serious car accident and spent over 5 month in the hospital. I was able to help them by showing them the benefits they were entitled to and collect over $28,000.

Before joining AIL Partners Shaun graduated with a degree in Radio & Television and worked at a TV station for two years. Shaun now lives in Salt Lake City. He enjoys sports and movies and looks forward to starting a family of his own.